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Soulful Kids™ exists to inspire children to believe in themselves, empowering them to live their highest potential.

We do this by developing and delivering wellbeing programs that focus on all aspects of wellbeing:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Classes are grounded in Mindfulness, Yoga and Positive Psychology principles in a way that is engaging for children, to ensure a positive experience, thereby encouraging sustainability beyond the classroom.

Through increasing self-awareness and nurturing kind hearts, we encourage student wellbeing beyond themselves.

Soulful Kids™ believes in:

  • Possibilities
  • Purpose
  • Courage
  • Learning & Growth
  • Connection
  • Joy

All our teachers are qualified to teach Yoga and mindfulness to Children. Teachers have had extensive training to specifically teach kids and teens, not merely adapting adults classes to children. All teachers are insured and have current professional memberships, first aid certificates, police checks and abide by systemic and local Child Safe environment policies. Specific Teachers are also trained to adapt classes for children living with special needs.

The Program is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, across the following General Capabilities and and Cross-Curriculum Priorities:
• Critical and Creative Thinking
• Personal and Social Capability
• Ethical Understanding
• Sustainability

Results for Kids:

• Improved self-confidence
• Increased self-awareness
• Increased creativity
• Increased resilience
• Increased physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
• Strengthened social connections
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Better decision making
• Increased focus and attention
• Improved understanding of Sustainability themes
• Increased sense of Joy, Calm and Connection
Kids tell us they feel:


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