Modern Resilience and Work-Life Integration Coaching

I believe in Work-Life-Integration, not Work-Life-Balance! I’m a Change Agent who has survived Corporate Burnout and have since created a life that is aligned to my values and strengths and it feels good!

The Coaching process creates change through expanding thinking, new insights and creating new possibilities. The intentions and goals are often beyond what you thought was possible and it’s all underpinned by clear strategies and action steps. Our time with create space for you to think, reflect and develop an inspiring road map to get you to where you want to be!

Expect to be challenged and stretched (I wouldn’t be doing my job, otherwise!), supported, inspired and motivated. You’ll create a bold vision. Your assumptions and limiting beliefs will be challenged. You’ll create a road map to where you want to be – today and in the future.

We can focus on:

  • Building resilience with a practical and modern approach
  • Integrating the latest Neuroscience to improve wellbeing and performance
  • Increasing your effectiveness as a Modern Change Agent
  • Applying cutting-edge thinking around “New Power” to influence change
  • Leveraging your unique Strengths
  • Creating alignment with your Values, Strengths and Goals
  • Career transition
  • Creating possibilities to “make a difference” in and out of your Corporate gig
  • Designing your career and life to blend, instead of conflicting
  • Creating space for yourself even when things are hectic!
  • Going from feeling stuck to feeling free
  • Re-connecting with yourself, your loved ones and your community
  • Expanding your networks
  • Building confidence

I believe in you. You’ve got this.

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