Modern Meditation

Do you want a relaxed body, calm emotions and clear and focused mind?

Let’s explore Modern Meditation with roots in Buddhist Tradition and grounded in the latest Neuroscience. It’s┬ádelivered in a Secular way that’s easily applied in modern-day life. Learn techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere… from a few seconds to longer and more formal meditations.

Whether you’re in the car, in a meeting or even winding down for a restful sleep, there are meditations that will suit you. We will explore different kinds of techniques and find a fit for what works for you in your life!

p.s. We can also explore ways of integrating meditation and mindfulness into your family routines and give your kids a great foundation in these skills!

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We provide tailored sessions including:

  • Entrepreneurs and Change Agents
  • Schools (Teachers and Students)
  • Corporate groups
  • Community Groups
  • 1:1 sessions (+/- Coaching)
  • Recording personalised meditations (for yourself or as a gift!)