Hi, I’m Dana.

In everything I do, I believe in going first and showing people what’s possible!

The way I show what’s possible is by developing products and services that build skills and create communities of Courageous and Soulful Change Agents.

I just happen to support the Change Agents of today and tomorrow to learn to Meditate, wanna try?

Focusing on 21st Century Capabilities and STEM, I’ve pursued traditional and novel roles in the Life Sciences Industry, as well as being connected to Entrepreneur and Start-Up Communities.

– 20 year Corporate Career in Health & Life Sciences
– Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Managers (ACHSM)
– NHS Certified Change Agent
– Founder of Soulful Kids and Soulventures
– Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
– Accredited User of Resilience@Work
– Experienced Board Member
– Meditation Teacher


In 2013, I totally burned out. I was feeling exhausted in every aspect of my life. I knew the state I was in wasn’t sustainable and at the same time felt so stuck, not knowing what I wanted to do or how to move forward. Striving. Confused. Frustrated. Vulnerable. Exhausted. Fast forward to 2017 and I’m feeling Lit Up, Free and Connected (to my family, friends, community, work and myself). I’ve made changes in my Corporate Career and also created Soulful Kids.

When I burned out, I was trying to manage my own stress and at the same time looking for ways to adapt what I was learning to my kids… to give them good foundations. Clients would often say to me “Wow, I wish I was taught this when I was younger!” ┬áThat’s why Soulful Kids began.

Soulful Kids won the New Venture Institute Flinders University First Prize for Entrepreneurship and lean start-up. I’m connected to the Start-up communities in Australia and Globally and blend Start-Up methodology with the Corporate environment… because it’s hard to go back from thinking like a start-up.

Professionally speaking, my foundations come from 20+ years in Life Sciences with a solid commercial background in leading complex sales and negotiation strategy in health. I’ve led cross-functional teams and been in Brand Strategy teams. I’ve also served as a not-for-profit Board Member.

I’m a Member of the International Coach Federation, a Certified Change Agent with the NHS, a Meditation Teacher and an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Managers.

What I stand for:

  • Possibilities
  • Heart
  • Courage
  • Learning and Growth
  • Connection
  • Purpose