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Hi I’m Dana. I help switched on professionals make meaningful possibilities real in their careers and lives. I believe we create the most impact through bringing our whole selves to the table. Our professional know-how, passion, intuition and purpose… in other words: Brain + Heart + Gut. I also know first-hand what it’s like to be “successful” in the traditional sense and yet still feel like something is missing, striving, searching… I survived Corporate Burnout and I’m here to tell you: STOP THE PRESS: I don’t believe in work-life-balance!

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Mindfulness and Golf (Part 2)… Noticing your thoughts

Jun 21, 2018 | No Comments

  Did you know that you have on average 60,000 thoughts per day?! How many times have you noticed negative self talk? “I knew I’d miss that shot!” “My game is awful!” “My putting is useless” “How stupid was I to choose a 7 iron?” Notice your thoughts Getting out of our heads and into […]

Mindfulness and Golf (Part 1)… getting out of your head and back in the Game!

Jun 21, 2018 | No Comments

When you hear the words “Meditation” or “Mindfulness”, what comes to mind? A Buddhist Monk sitting under a tree? Something that only peaceful, non-stressed hippies do on retreat? You might already have experience on or off the green… Why is Mindfulness and Meditation is getting so much attention lately? Why is it so popular in […]


  • Testimonial

    “Dana has been a great help to me over the 10 years or so since we met. She has Coached me through updating my CV, practising interview questions and most recently, we spent a couple of sessions analysing the competencies I needed to exhibit for a promotion from my current role. We spent time on listing short and long term goals and created a plan for things I could do now and into the future. With Dana’s approach and ability to put things into perspective, I felt empowered and confident I could achieve the goals we set.”

    - Helen, Sales Executive

  • Testimonial

    “Dana’s intrinsic ability to actively listen, assess and define the issue(s) at hand is her trademark. She offers tools which help overcome the hurdles and open up possibilities. Her caring nature and attention to the client’s need are hallmarks of her ability as a Coach.”

    - Clare Savage, Director – CliniScience Consulting

  • Testimonial

    “Dana is an invaluable Coach and Mentor to me. Dana’s empowering approach and ability to help me break down complex situations into manageable parts has guided me through significant career change. Dana is someone who I often feel knows me better than I know myself! I admire the way Dana can effortlessly understand my situation, tap into my motivations and help me work towards my goals. After a Coaching session with Dana, I have a clear understanding of what my options are and what my next move will be. Dana’s passion for seeing others succeed is clear, her approach is professional, non-judgemental, sincere and always motivating. Thank you for your personal and professional support, I look forward to many more years of exploring possibilities with you!”

    - Monika Mistry, Health Care Clinic Owner

  • Testimonial

    “Dana has the ability to understand a situation quickly and formulate a plan that provides an instant sense of calm and an alternative to chaos.”

    - Beck Verity Director B Online Learning


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